Five Hundred Eyes

Forgotten, but not gone ...

"and now the dark religions are departed, and sweet science reigns"

Is this what it's come to? A dark corner of the internet, the final resting place of a once-vibrant assemblage of radical ideas, vicious satire, over-intellectualised analysis of episodes and, um, blatant page-fillers.

For a brief spell in the late 80s and early 90s Five Hundred Eyes flourished, if such a word can be applied to a journal with a readership of under 200. It was, briefly, if not actually in the vanguard of the "new wave" of A5 fanzines, then at least happy to be invited to the party.

And then came real life, love, work, good intentions and thwarted ambitions, and Five Hundred Eyes got left behind like a childhood toy, discarded when shinier playthings like wives and babies proved too much of an attraction. "There will be an issue six," was my constant refrain, "eventually ..."

But in the meantime, here is an archive of juvenilia, a miscellany of what once passed for cutting-edge fanzine wit, presented for your entertainment and bafflement.




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