Five Hundred Eyes

issue two - summer 1988

Five Hundred Eyes 2 - artwork by Sean Ditchfield

So six months come and go, and we're back again. The usual suspects - David and Richard Gibbs and Ian Levy are joined by Andrew Day, Paddy Sinclair and Sean Ditchfield.


Editorial - issue two

This may be becoming a habit. For the second issue running, apologies for being so late. Christmas 87, I said ... so much for optimism. But wait, I can explain! (This had better be good, you got shot last time.)

Firstly, last November I had something of a personal crisis, not least of which was a very nasty case of appendicitis. Oh what a fun time it was. Relatives uttering such comforting phrases as "Oh yes, that's what your grandfather died of" didn't help! But now I'm back, and so is Five Hundred Eyes, and in the intervening time something that called itself Season 24 materialised on our tv screens.

Which brings me to point two. Well, don't I feel a berk after spewing out such reams of optimism in the last issue?!? Suffice to say that any thoughts of FHE being purely a magazine of appreciation have flown out the window - there is a limit to just how much criticism one can hold back. More on this in the review pages ... horribly predictable, I know.

You may notice a few changes with this issue, not least the "typesetting". I'm not really one of those people who places looks above content, but doing the layout on a computer screen is a hell of a lot easier than doing it with scissors and glue!You might also notice a lot of italics cropping up between the articles. This is me. I have recently discovered how to get numerous kinds of fancy typographical effects out of this machine, and I'm damn well going to use them! It might be seen as one big ego trip, with the editor stamping his personality all over the zine, but I decided to do this at a time when I was feeling a bit depressed, in order to boost my ego. It worked, and my ego is now so healthy that I know you're going to just love my witticisms cropping up throughout the zine!

Finally, a word of thanks to Sean Ditchfield for his superb cover. Sean has now hit the "big time" and his work can be seen adorning The Frame and CMS - In Vision, but remember, you saw him here first (or at least, that was the theory before the temporary break in transmission).