Five Hundred Eyes

issue three - autumn/winter 1988

Five Hundred Eyes 3 - artwork by Sean Ditchfield

This is where it really started to take off. A little bit serious in places, but Ian's Panopticon report passed in to legend.

These pages are still under construction ... only those titles in bold are actually online so far ...

Definitely not the back page

Yes, yes, I know this is an odd place to put an editorial, but it's the only space I could find. This issue, as you may have noticed, is rather larger than usual, due, I suppose, to its intrinsic lateness. You see, the later it got, the more articles people sent me - hence the frightening page count. As for the reasons for the acute tardiness (you see, it did become a habit), well, various factors, such as apathy, overwork and one or two personal crises. But the main excuse I have to offer (and I think it's quite a good one) is the lack of accessibility to the University's computers on which I produce this thing. For some reason they seem to think that Computer Scientists should actually have priority over fanzine producers. Strange ...

What, you ask, of the future? What indeed. Right now I'm not too sure. My enthusiasm for Doctor Who has really hit an all-time low, not, I hasten to add, due to dissatisfaction with the current output (which I sort of enjoy really), but simply, I think, because I'm finally beginning to grow out of what is, of course, just a kid's show. Oh, how sad. See Dwarf Star 4 for more of the same. The other reason for the uncertainty is a distinct lack of time, so whilst I may churn out another zine sometime in the next six months, don't hold me to that. But even if I don't get round to doing another zine, FHE will continue, under the auspices of my little (or not so little) brother Richard. So send all your garbage to him (at the same address) if you want to see your name in print. Or to me, and I'll pass it on. I would say more, but this is the bottom of the page, so I must go. Once again, apologies for the delay, but I hope the end product compensates. It'd better - it's taken me the best part of two months to produce it! BCNU