Five Hundred Eyes

Great Unanswered Questions

Just who is the Terrible Zodin?

How big was the doormat that Rassilon left his key under?

What kind of size were the lettuce on Jaconda?

Why is the Dr Who budget a quantum amount?

How big does a hole in a plot have to be before a villain can escape out of it?

Similarly, how much water does a good plot hold?

Just how much cheaper than everyone else are Pip and Jane?

Do Adrics dream of Electric Sheep?

WHY Bonnie Langford?

Why does the Rani hang around with the Tetraps?

How many bananas a day does it take to keep an Ogron?

Why do Daleks carry shaving foam around with them?

Do sick Cybermen see a doctor or a plumber?

Were the drains always blocked on Skaro?

Which came first, the chicken or the Jagaroth?

Why do the Timelords keep leaving the keys in the ignition (so to speak) of TARDISes?

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