Five Hundred Eyes

Like an awful lot of Doctor Who fans, I have copies of the most recent series on DVD, along with DVD backups of some of my old VHS tapes. And like a scarily large number of Doctor Who fans, I have made my own sad little covers for them.

Unlike most fans, however, I have decided to give them a "retro" feel, so that they match the old VHS tapes on my shelf. I think this really tops any run-of-the-mill sadness.

2005 series, disc 4 Planet of the Spiders - using a bit of Daryl Joyce's lovely artwork, as it's better than a screen grab!
2005 series, disc 3 Robot
2005 series, disc 2 Image of the Fendahl
2005 series, disc 1 Five Doctors

I don't claim to be any great expert in Photoshop, so these are, ahem, deliberately emulating the great mid-80s period of "cut-out-photo" BBC video covers. Yes, that's it ...

If, by any bizarre quirk, you'd actually like to print out these covers for your own use, email me and I'll send you them as high-res PDFs. But I can't see why you'd want to ...

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